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Were all the wars during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ordered out of self defence ?


Salaam Alaikum,

I am trying to understand regarding military expeditions by our Prophet muhammad and if he ordered any killing. One of my non- muslim friend told me about this.

I found out about military expeditions listed on:

Killings ordered by our Prophet:

I wanted to know how to understand this and what is true and what is false.

Were all the wars and order out of self defence ?

Was salaam,


Alaykum Al-Salam
After Prophet Mohammad made a contract with the people of Madinah in which many of them accepted islam, muslims of Mecca due to excessive tortures and problems which Kufar of Mecca impose on them, decided to emigrate to Madinah. when the leaders of Mecca decided to assassinate Prophet Mohammad, he also joined them but in these migrations they could not take any goods and positions with them and the leaders of Kuffar of Mecca confiscated all their positions. so, muslims had a very tough situation in medina. Prophet did not started any of these wars but once he tried to take the positions of Abujahl and Abu Sufyan instade of the goods they took from muslims of mecca. this lead to the war of Badr as the first conflict between the Muslims and the people of mecca. The rest of the wars of Prophet were out of self defence or it was an answer to treason against peace treaties.
Of Course this is a short answer and if you have any special occasion Please mention it.

Sheikh Madani.