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Wars and forced convertion allowed in Islam?


Assalamualaikum Brother/Sister my question is Why did Prophet (pbuh) participated in wars for defence of the Muslims or to spread Islam and if for spreading Islam then is forced conversions allowed in Islam?


بسم تعالی

الهم صل الله محمد و آله

Salamu Alaykum

Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well.

During the time of the Holy Prophet (sawa) all battles but one were defensive. The Battle of Tabuk is one that is said to be offensive, but this can also be considered to be defensive as it was in response to an army encampment of the Romans. SO therefore no battles were in fact offensive.

The Holy Prophet (sawa) never forced anyone or person to convert to Islam. The Event of Mubahila is an excellent example of this claim. which is also mentioned as a principal within the Glorious Quran.

There is no compulsion in religion: rectitude has become distinct from error. So one who disavows fake deities and has faith in Allah has held fast to the firmest handle for which there is no breaking; and Allah is all-hearing, all-knowing. (Baqarah (2):256)

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Was Salams
Yassar Ebrahim.