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wants to get married to hindu guy


Assalamu Alaikum,

I have done this before but I never received an answer. Hopefully, this time I’ll receive an answer. Before I ask my question, I want to quickly talk about how I met him and what is the current state right now. We both are 18 years old, my family knows about him and right now I’m only trying to bring him towards the right path. I’ve been with him since 2 years, trying to teach him about Islam and about Aal e Muhammad (s.a.w.w). He lives in India and I live in the U.S. He is the only son of his parents, and he says he will convert but now he is taking back his words because he is worried about his parents. He says that his parents will disown him and that the biggest issue he is worried about is if he comes to the U.S. for job in the later years and marry me here then, he is worried what if something happens to his mother or father back in India as they do not have more kids except him (only son). He says that who will help and support his parents if he converts and marries me? His parents will not want any help from him and remove him from the family…he does not want that to happen and this is the thing pulling him away from following the right path. Another issue is, I’ve been sending him videos of Maulanas and short clips for the better understanding of Islam and of the Imam of our time as well but, he says he does not have a strong reason to fully commit to Islam. He also does not want to leave me and wants to marry me but he is stuck… I have run out of solutions… I suffer from depression and anxiety.. I like him too and would feel depressed if I couldn’t marry him.. please give me advice or suggestions on : what he should do because of being the only kid, how should he take his next step towards his worry for parents? And Advice or suggestions on ways he can realize that Islam is the true religion, what can be a strong reason for him to convert to Islam? I have tried every means – thank you. I look forward to your answer.


Wa alaykum salaam

Thank you for sharing feelings with us, we pray that Allah will sort out your problems as soon as possible inshaAllah.

You have mentioned that you want marry a person who is not sure whether he wants to accept Islam or not.
Acceptance of religion cant be imposed on someone, rather the person has to want it from within himself. Experience has showed that forced acceptance of religion makes a person very vulnerable and thus can leave that religion very easily as he doesn’t have an inner commitment towards it.
The question you need to ask yourself is are you willing to commit yourself in a marriage to someone who possibly will God forbid leave your religion if such circumstances arise for him.

If you commit yourself to such a marriage where the boy hasn’t decided as to which religion he wants to follow, what will happen to your children in future. We have seen from experience that children suffer in the long term as parents aren’t stable.

And as you it is not possible for him to accept Islam in the presence of his parents _ Islam gives him the permission to hide his faith infront of his parents i.e. he should not show his beliefs infront of his parents untill the situation is right for him to do so.

I would suggest you to sincerely pray to Allah to sort out your confusion. Below is a beautiful dua taught by our 4th imam to seek for the best solution from Allah – dua no 33 of sahifa sajjadiyya.

And also do consider his situation with his parents. Put yourself in his shoes, would you be able to abandon your parents ? I think you should give him time to sort this issue.

We again pray that Allah sort out your problems as soon as possible inshaAllah

Sukaina Taqawi