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Wanting to get a disease and die with my father as I love him, have I disobeyed Allah, will he forgive me ?


Due to coronsvirus outbreak my father is only one going out to buy groceries , I had suspicion that Allah forbid if he has its particles , I love him so much and can’t imagine anything happening to him so I drank from same glass that he used while thinking that I wanted to have same fate ad he will have , now I think that I disobeyed Allah will he forgive me ?


Alaykum Al-Salam

First you must know the life span of everyone is set in the knowledge of Allah. Many people had cov-19 and got better (including me). Never lose hope even if someone you know got it.
Second. Putting yourself in danger for no reason is a sin but Allah would forgive any sin if we repent truly. Also loosing hope in Allah is the greatest sin after Shirk شرک.
Best regards and log life for you and your father and your family!

Sheikh madani.