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want to marry a shia divorced women


as salam walekum my name is sayyed sajid hussain and i am a shia, my age is 21 years old i need a help regarding marriage i love a girl who is also a shia but she is divorce , and we both love each other and we are ready to do marriage , and the girl who was marriage who is still virgin because her ex-husband is not love her and not intrested in marriage with her … my parents are not allwoed me to marry a divorce women .but her family was ready to get married with me what should i tell to my family to agree for my marriage please need your help khudahafiz sayyed sajid hussain, age 21 saniya zehra kazim, age 20

Waalaykum salam
Thank you for your Question,
According to the Islamic law a man is free to marry and does not really need anyone’s permission. But ethically It is definitely advised to seek guidance form your parents and you should try to keep them happy as much as possible.
I feel it’s it just a matter of communication between you and your parents. At times a third person, that your parents respect and listen to can help you solve the problem. I would suggest you speak to your local Aalim and or an elderly to  help you in this regard.
Also, your parents may be reluctant because she is divorced. But you can still explain her situation to your parents and hopefully thier support will follow suit InshaAllah
Good luck
Kind regards,
Naajiya.S. Jaffery