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want to marry a christian undivorced girl


Aslam o alaikum Sir. I talk to a girl she is from Philippines but she already married and want a divorce from her husband but in the rule of phillipines is very difficult to get divorce. She is separated from her husband since 2 years. is that possible i can marry with her without getting divorce from her own husband. She belongs to a Christian family and want to convert in islam. Respected sir please tell me right way as islamic rules

Asalam Alikum
Thank you for your Question.
Sayyid Sistani has replied to a similar Question:
1Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman who is still married to a non-Muslim man? Is there an ‘idda period for her when she separates from her non-Muslim husband? What is the period of that ‘idda? Is it permissible to have sexual relations with her during the time when she is in the ‘idda from her non-Muslim husband? If she embraces Islam, how long will her ‘idda be, if she intends to marry a Muslim man?
Answer: It is not permissible to marry her while she is married to a non-Muslim in a marriage which is recognized by them because she is a married woman. It is permissible to marry her temporarily after her divorce and after the completion of the ‘idda from her non-Muslim husband. (The period of her ‘idda is not different from the ‘idda of a Muslim woman.) Therefore, it is not permissible before the completion of the ‘idda.
If she becomes a Muslim after having had sexual relations with her non-Muslim husband and the husband has not embraced Islam, it is precuationarily obligatory for a Muslim not to marry her until after the completion of her ‘idda. But if she became a Muslim without having ever established sexual relations with her non-Muslim husband, then their marriage will be annulled immediately and there is no ‘idda in such a case.

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