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want to get married with a girl who had pre parital relation


For few months i have communication with a girl who is well educated and well mannered. the girl had a pre-marital relation for 2 years that was ended in mid-2016. The girl has made towba for that relation and in great repentance. I am a teacher and researcher by profession and always try to obey the rules of Islam. I had no such previous relation. The girl has no such surroundings to learn about Islam. She is making her daily prayers and shows interest to marry me. she reads any islamic content with much attention and devotion . I have a great affection toward her. However , i have few questions: 1. will it be a task to satisfy the almighty if my intention is to make her more closer to islam? The girl also said me she will obey the rules and regulations of Islam. 2. Imam Gazzali has written in Ehyau Ulumuddin that the bride should be virgin. And if a girl is touched by another man than it increases hate in the minds of man. the wordings of islamic books make great impact on me. These lines have created a mental pressure on me. Is this one form of mental disease? the girl had not make any intercourse in her previous relation.


Salaam Alaykum,

1) everyone in this world is striving hard to reach perfection and this marriage, if it takes place, is no different. InshaAllah that both of you together are able to peacefully go forward.

2) since she has had no physical contact in her previous relation. I do not see it as an issue
Good luck

Kind regards