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want to get married to cousin


Asalamu alaikum sir/madam ….I am Danish Ali Mir from Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir , India. My question is that I liked a girl very much and she too loved me..but the girl is my cousin.. In 2015 I approached her and proposed her for Nikkah.. after 2 or 3 day she agreed to marry me in future. After we did normal chating . afterwards I felt that it may lead us to sin, so I asked her to refrain from chating ..and didn’t responded her the way I used to.. but feelings for her were always there.. now since last year and mostly from few months I asked her again about marriage , she is now refusing. Because she has misunderstood that I have perhaps deceived her. I talk to his brother, he has no issue if she marry me.. I simply wanted to keep relationship pure. Now I can’t live without her, she is very nice girl with good character.Now I want to take help of Allah and 14 masoomeen.. Is there any amaal, dua or surah that I can recite to win her back ??? If she agrees, I swear I will talk my family and her father, as her brother has already agreed. Kindly do help me …


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

I must say that It takes alot of courage to do what you did.
To let go of a pleasure filled Haram relation needs a lot of strength and Iman.

If you Did this for Allah (swt), the He knows and will rectify things for you. For now what I can suggest is that:

1- set aside charity and make an intention for khair for yourself And the girl.

2- do plenty of Istighfar. Istighfar is known to open shut doors. It doesn’t necessarily mean the girl might say yes, but it ensures that the best will come your way InshaAllah.

3– Recite dua Tawasul with understanding and connection. This will bond you with the Ahl al-Bayt (s) and relieve you off your worries. The duas from there is all a person may need

4- Speak to your parents and they can send a decent proposal. Who knows, she might agree!??
Also, a Brother has no say in the life of his sister. According to the Islamic law, his consent is not needed. It is the father or paternal grandfather who has to permit for the Nikah.

InshaAllah all Goes well

Kind regards