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want to get married at 18 years old


Salam Alykum
I am 18 years old and i desperately wanna get married but i cant talk to my parents about getting me married because of not only embarassement and that i know that their answer would be to first complete my studies and then i can get married.
But i cant wait for like 5-7 years for it.
Also it is my Haqq right now to get married. First i also got involved in immoral activities but now i have repented and try my best to control myself and Alhumdolillah i am successful in it but it is very difficult for me and also i cant wait for 5-7 years so long.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

It is amazing how at such a tender age you were and are able to take care of yourself.

please get in touch with your local Aalim or a counselor and seek some advice and If possible ask them to put a word forward for you to your parents.

You may also want to share your feeling with a family member you’re close to. That way Atleast you can get the message across to your parents.

please take quick steps for yourself. InshaAllah Allah will pave the rest of the path for you. It’s not easy to be where you are and I pray you keep strong.

pray plenty for yourself.

in my prayers