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Want my ex husband to forget me and change his way, What should I do?


Assalam O Alaikum,
I just want to ask is there any wazifa aur dua to make my ex husband forget me and stop torturing me and change his way.

Your duty is to inform someone reliable who can intervene and defend you from any harm from your ex husband.  The best person would be your own father and if that isnt possible, then a man figure who can take his place, e.g an uncle, elder brother, or someone reliable.
If you act like you were least bothered after taking all the precautions, he will eventually get tired and not bother you.  You can also find out why he is bothering you so as to stop him doing so.  Get some.advice from elders on how you can go about that.  Your elders could talk to his elders and get a way out of this situation.
Ask the protection of Allah always by reciting the verse of Ayatul Qursi and the 4 Quls.
InshAllah things will become better and easier for you and you will have gained more patience whislt you go through this phase in life.
Salma Alavi.