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want boyfriend back in future


I am a 16. Year old girl and i was with my boyfriend he was 18 and we committed Zina a few times but now we have broken up i have repented and so does he but he says in the future he doesn’t want me anymore but i really want him an i pray for him do you think we will ever be together again The halal way? Will Allah bring us together?, but because he broke up with me i started to find my deen and turn back to allah but i miss him so much and i want to pray to be with him again.


Wa alaykum salaam

It is very nice to know that you have realized your mistake and have gotten closer to Allah. May He give you the tawfeeq to get more close to Him.

Now that you have turned to Allah, you can ask for whatever you want from Him. He is the best listener and the All Merciful.
But you should always remember, Allah loves His servants and wants the best for them . He is the most wise and the best planner.
Therefore our duty is to obey Him, do istigfar for our past mistakes, do dua for the best and leave the rest on

Sukaina Taqawi