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Visiting 14 Holy Shrines In Menstruation


1)while in my periods can i visit the holy shrines of 14 masumeens ? pls advice

2)also due to irregular periods as being over 50 yrs and also approaching menopause what is the solution for going to ziarat ?
( i.e. not knowing exactly when the periods will start due to hormonal changes )

awaiting ur reply.

1. Almost all fuqaha say ihtiyat wajib (obligatory precaution) to avoid going in the Haram of Ma'sumeen i.e., the grave area, while a lady is in the state of Haydh(menstruation period). but she can sit in the sahan (courtyards) and even pass through them.

2. Menopausal age i.e., between 50 and 60 years, with regards to the ziyarat of the 14 Masumeen, this lady, when she is bleeding, according to obligatory precaution, has to do the do's of  istihadha and don't's of Haydh, and so she cannot enter the Haram. but if the bleeding hasn't begun, then she is like a normal person and goes inside Haram.


Zainab Walji