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In Haramayn Shareefayn as u must have visited too due to Najdi government muslims during jamaat and all salaat times pass freely infront of praying people and even pass direct above the place of Sajdah there ..whats the fatwah about passing infront of praying persons and walking in Haram floor with shoes brought from wudhu n washrooms when we cant walk with those in our praying room and alas due to the government there cant even show respect for the hurmat n sanctity of place and has thus saudi reduced the respect of haram floor to that of a football ground.


Based on the fatawa of Ayatullah Sistani:

If a person performs prayers in a place where people pass-by, or, if someone is in front of him, it is recommended that he places something in front of him; and it is sufficient if that thing is some wood or rope. A tasbeeh could also be used to show one is praying in this area.
Prayers are not invalidated by the passing in front by other persons. It is not makruh to pass in front of a praying person

As for the walking on the haram floor with shoes from the wudhu and washrooms, if this results in desecration of the or najasat of the mosque then it is haram, otherwise not.