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Validity of Nikkah after zina/physical intimacy


Aoa, I have been married for last 5 years. Before marriage I was physically intimate with my husband which I understand is a grave sin and we both realized it then and even now. I do not remember if we have ever been physical before marriage to the point of intercourse, We refrained from it. We both were guilty of having physical intimacy before marriage but we did not know at that time that before entering into marriage contract, We had to repent first. I have read somewhere that if marriage is done before repentance, then nikkah is invalid. Can you please help in this regard, in light of Islamic Rulings. Kindly consider following situation .
1) We were unaware that we had to repent first, we were guilty and ashamed and we married to refrain ourselves from doing anything wrong anymore.
2) We do not remember engaging in sexual intercourse prior to marriage
3) We do not remember if we actually repented and asked for forgiveness before marriage.


Waalaykum Salam

For your Question, I contacted the office of Sayyid Sistani and explained
your situation as you have penned down.

They said your marriage is perfectly ok,

Kind regards