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Validity of nikah? Procedure for renewal of marriage?


If a wife says some bad words regarding some sunnah. She said nikah is a bad sunnah. And use some abusive word for sunnah. Does this mean she did kufr? And is there need of renewal of marriage??


Al-Salam Alaykum

Even though it is a sin to reject Islamic rules, saying some words out of anger is not Kufr. there is no need for renewal of the marriage. however It seems such statements are made because she is facing some serious issues in her marriage and she lacks the knowledge about marriage in Islam. In Islam marriage is based on mutual respect, rights and duties which is balanced very well and it can built a healthy and happy family. Suggest her to read more about the shining example of Islamic family such as Prophet and Khadijah, Imam Ali and Fatima Al-Zahra.

Best regards