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validity of my marriage with my wife


Asalaamu alaikum, I married my wife at end of Nov. 2017. She had told me she had divorced her previous husband. She told me she was married to her Ex for 2 years and he had divorced her several times in those 2 years. Her husband was finally put in prison end of Oct. 2017 for Domestic Violence and then eventually deported back to his country. Is it my responsibility to search the validity of her statement or is the burden of proof on her in front of Allah? Is my marriage still valid with her or do I need to renew my Nikkah? Jazak’Allahu Khairan, Sarmad


Waalaykum salam

sounds like your entire story has more to it that what you were able to put down.

Things need to be clarified further like, when was she divorced exactly? did she observe her Iddah? were all the conditons necessary for a Divorce met with? etc etc.

Please see the link below and the following pages to get a better understanding on Divorce according to the islamic laws

I suggest you see a Local Aalim and seek further guidance and clarifications.

with regards,