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validation of Forced Marriage


If a girl loves a boy and they commit a sin; But they repent and want to get married but as a matter of caste, girls parents are not agree and they beat the girl to marry a man of their choice and beat a girl alot then with fear she is just silent and they marry her with a man 14 years elder to her. Then after that she is not happy but because of fear she is living with that man and when he intercourse with her sometimes in flngs she is also a part of it but she is crying after that not happy with the man and just doing all with fear of husband. And she gets pregnant. Then what is the validation of that type of nikah, is that nikah right? Yes girl had done gunah before marriage but is that right to force that girl to marry?


Assalamu alaykum
According to the Islamic law, No one should be forced into marriage and if any one, the girl or  boy, is forced the Nikah is void I.e. Batil.

But since you didn’t say anything during the Nikah, your Nikah is correct and you are now a wife of this man.
My Dear Sister, I’m sure it was hard on you to have gone through all that beating and psychological pressure, but now the reality is in your hands at the moment. It in is your  hands to make this work and not live in your past. What happened has happened and gone. What’s important now is that baby in your womb. Would you want your child to suffer by seeing how her mother is always unhappy and depressed?! Instead I would suggest you start focusing on your marriage, and your child. This will help you focus on greater things Allah is blessing you with.
I pray you find happiness, tranquility and make a great mother for your little angel.
Kind regards