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Accommodation Allowance From Employer



I am an IT worker and my employer is sending me to Germany (for work) for 1 year(extendable). During my stay in Germany I am eligible to receive EURO 1500 per month for my Accommodation (i.e apartment rent) as per my contract, from my employer. I am thinking of going for low priced accommodation, something like Euro 1000 or 1100 per month and use the rest to save some money to use back home (in Pakistan).

My question is: is it allowed for me to compromise my living standard and save money in this way. Please note that, I have to show receipts (apartment rent payment) to my employer to claim for rent money. What I plan to do is get a bill of Euro 1500 per month from my host and claim the full amount from my employer, although the actual rent will be around Euro 1100.

Jazakallah Kahir.

Usman Mehmood


if the employer gives the money unconditionally, then it would be
allowed to do whatever with the money. But if he is demanding a receipt,
then the employer needs to be explained the whole situation. if employer
agrees then it will be halal otherwise that extra money will become haram.