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Using leather belt and wallet made of an animal slaughtered according to Islamic laws?


Can one wear a leather belt and have a leather wallet whose origin or whether was made from an animal which was slaughtered according to Islamic rites!


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

If the belt or wallet is made from Halal leather (animal slaughtered according to Islamic Shariah), Salat will be correct if you pray with it.

Question: If I pray with a leather belt or a wallet made from leather of a mayta and realize it during the salat or after finishing it but before the end of its time span or after the ending of its time span-what would become of that prayer?

Answer: The prayer with a wallet made from leather of a Mayta is valid just as it is acceptable to pray with a belt made from such a leather, provided that the probability of it being from an animal Islamically slaughtered is not a very low probability that would be ignored by sensible people.

In the second case [of very low probability], if he was ignorant [of this rule] and realized during prayer, he should take it off immediately and his prayer would be valid. The same rule would apply if he forgot [that he had the wallet or the belt on him] and remembered during prayer, provided that his forgetfulness was not a result of carelessness and indifference. In other cases, he will have to repeat prayer within the allocated time period or Qadha as a matter of obligatory precaution.

Question: What is your ruling on buying and using leather products in non-Muslim countries?

Answer: Leather products are impure (Najis) and prayer (Salat) in them is not permissible, if we know that they have been made from the hide of an animal not slaughtered according to Islamic laws. Such products are considered pure and prayer with them is permissible, if there is a probability that they were made from skin of an animal that is essentially Halãl and was slaughtered according to Islamic laws.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider