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Usage of Facebook


asalam o alaikom,

my question is that is facebook good to use and if not so whats the reason it shouldnt be used and lastly how can we restrict ourselves and then our friends those who use facebook for friendship purpose.

i hav consulted you to be answered detailed so to be spread onwards..



Alaikum Salaam

If Facebook is used for Haram then you should avoid using it. For example,
if through Facebook one goes against hijab, has Na-mahram relationships,
gets involved in discussions that are futile, or that harm his faith and
Akhlaq, or wastes precious time and ignores other important duties, or
talks about others behind their back, mocks others, reveals one’s secrets,
etc etc.. Then Facebook should definitively be avoided. Unfortunately,
Facebook in today’s world is not just about staying in touch, but rather
it is a platform for many sins to occur, and one should therefor be

However, if someone uses Facebook for a good reason, i.e. it is a tool for
him/her to reach a defined goal and noble purpose, and whilst using it
he/she is careful not to indulge in sins, then Facebook can be beneficial
and sometimes necessary.

The key is to understand that Islam looks at these things in relation to
their purpose. In other words, any tool that you use, if the goal is noble
and the path taken is free from sins, then that tool is a beneficial tool.

I hope this answers your question


Miqdad Rajabali