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Accepting donations from an Islamic center


I’m a young girl 22 years old, I study overseas in Europe Spain, the life here and the cost of study are very expensive. The some of money sent to me by my father did not cover my necessary needs…So I asked my brother in USA to send me some money.
He send me 300.00$. 50.00$ from his pocket and 250.00$ from an Islamic center planed for needy family food and shelter.
I really need this money to cover my expenses and I’m a young girl alone without family overseas.
Please, as a muslim, .must I accept this donation from the Islamic center?
Thank you and jazakOUM ALLAH KHAYRAN
و جازاكم الله خيراط


Wa-alaykum Assalam

Thank you for your email and we hope by the time you get this you are in a better situation. There is no reservation in using such funds if you are in need of them to sustain your basics such as shelter, food, and necessities.

S.L. Al-Hakim