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use of hand sanitizer having alcohol


I want to ask that in these days as we are using hand sanitizer frequently which have alchol in it. Then after applying this can we offer our prayer


Wa alaykum salaam

2Question: What about using the families of alcohol that are synthesized from petroleum and are used in perfume, medicine etc are they Najis and cannot be used during prayer?
Answer: All kinds of alcohol (whether extracted from wood or other sources) are Tahir (ritually pure), and are not permissible to drink, except for wine which is also Najis, and Beer (Maa al-Sha’eir) which is also Najis (ritually impure) as an obligatory precaution..
So, the medicines and the perfumes containing alcohol are pure and can be used.
It is also permissible to eat such food if the amount of alcohol is very minute, e.g., 2%, except for wine.

Sukaina Taqawi.