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Unwanted sexual arousal.


A person has a high sex drive. They used to in the past listen to all kinds of halal videos including women’s voices and look at women without lust. Then they found that they started to have a raise in arousal so they prohibited themselves from looking at or listening to women. This is fine and not troubling. But then as time went by if they were to listen to men, scholars, friends(who are male too), they get a small boost in arousal which is involuntary. The person experiences this sex drive in most part of the day. Therefore out of precaution they prohibited themselves from looking at or listening to videos with men voices too, looking at scholars and listening to their videos too and speaking to their friends. The person does this out of precaution to not sin but does not know if this is waswas from satan and if this involuntary small boost in arousal can be ignored(with regards to men). It is also important to note that if the person keeps listening to the friend or scholar etc. the feeling goes away and everything becomes normal. What is the course of action according to Islamic law, especially since this may take after a period of time a mental toll on the individual.


Alaykum Al-Salam

Arousal alone with no sexual stimulation does not mean anything and it is not Haram. for example most men experience physical arousal in the morning even with no sexual stimulation. the way you sit or other circumstance may effected your situation. however you must not have the Waswas and the filling that may occur to you at first. Following this Waswas make it worst and worst. be careful about your gaze and do not stay with opposite gender in the same room for if it is not necessary and control your diet from spicy and oily food. These would help one to avoid sexual stimulation. of course the ultimate solution is marriage as soon as possible. do not postponed it for none rational reasons.

best regards!