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I work in a power industry. I know about unethical practices going on in the company especially tax evasion, i help in preparation of payments and documents which i know are forged but i cant do anything because it’s management decision and if i refuse someone other will step into my shoes and complete the task, but at the same time I feel ashamed of doing what i am doing…. please suggest and advice whether what i am doing is Halal or Haram??


Waalaykum Salam

According to Sayyid Sistani’s office, the work you’re doing is haram and you should stop.

He further explained that, if you still want to secure your job in the same industry then, he suggested you look for another Marja’s opinion on the same issue and “rujuu” (that is refer to the other marja) under ‘Ihtiyat, just for this issue. But according to him -Sayyid Sistani-, he strictly prohibits this exercise.

I hope this answers your concern.

Iltimase dua