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Unemployed Father


For last one and half year my father is not supporting us financially. For last one decade he has been in debt due to which he sold everything we had. today we are penny less and are living on rent. He used to be a very successful buisnessmen but each passing year of last decade proved to be worse and worst. He hasn’t been able to generate any penny for almost 2 years now, when my mother insist him to work for someone he turns a deaf year towards it as he believes he has always employed people he cant be an employee to anyone. He goes to his leftover office daily but is not bringing any penny. me and my sister give tutions after university to run the kitchen but hardly get enough to pay rent and pay school fee of my younger sibling. each month my mother gets a financial aid from her siblings to pay the remaining rent. I needed to ask what does islam says about right of childs basic needs? is father allowed to do so? each day he asks money from my mother but does gives her anything. what does islam says about it?


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

Nafaqah is Wajib on a man (head of the family). He has to provide all that the family members need to run the family.
Hence, it is obligatory on your father to provide for you, especially if there is no hindrance for him to do so.

Looks like his dignity and fame is very important to him. In this case, you can find him a job where he is self employed instead of being an employee. If he has expertise in a certain field, then that can be offered online too. Infact, a family brainstorming on a small scale home business will also help where your father can be the manager for the entire project.

Your helping hand in the house is applaudable. It is only ethically right to help your parents run the house. I can imagine the amount of stress and pressure it has on you and your sister but Allah promises in the Quran:
“After every difficulty there is ease”

In the end I would like to mention, that I heard from a great scholar -Ayatullah Mujtaba Tehrani- that whenever you have material constrains, recite a Surah al- Yaseen and gift it to Imam Mohammad al-Taqi al-Jawaad’s mother.

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I hope your issues are resolved
Kind regards,