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Understanding Tawakkul


I think a lot and recently when reading about Tawwakul, many thoughts in my mind like when parking my motorcycle I think that I should keep my key plugged in as muslims should believe in tawakkul and also, I do have such thoughts that I should keep my mobile phone out in the street when I am sleeping more like to test my Emaan. According to the knowledge of Quran and Hadith that Allah has given you, could you tell that what should be done in this case?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Tawakkul means to rely on Allah but after taking all logical precautions. Hence, you must lock your bike, take away your keys with yourself and then entrust Allah (az) there after.

it is Wajib, as in obligatory, for one to take care of himself and his belongings so that he didn’t suffer a loss. Tawakkul comes after one has taken all necessary steps to ensure his and his belongings safety. To understand further, I’d like to explain by using this e.g. that one cannot stop earning with the hope that Allah (az)will send his needs for him every single day. Infact, Allah dislikes people who do not act responsibly towards them selves or their belongings.

Therefore  you must take care of your self and your property and then rely on Allah (az) for the best outcome InshaAllah