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Qadha Prayers and Fasts


My mother is looking for answers for following questions. We are under taqleed of Ayat Ullah Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani. 1. She had missed prayers of many years; starting from when it become obligatory. Later she realized this and started praying and also had guilt of missing many years prayers. Exact number of years is not known to her. She had performed QAZA of many years however still she is not sure that how many prayers actually are QAZA. Please advice what she do now? As she wants to perform QAZA or advice us for the same. Please keep in view we (all kids) are praying regularly and our parents advise this to us from day one. 2. She is a severe sugar patient and does not observe any fasts from last few years. What should be the KAFARA or FIDYA knowing that she cannot even observe QAZA fasts. That is due to sugar she had to take regular food every few hours and insolence for sugar. 3. Also my mother has some “manatee” fasts which she cannot complete now due to her health. What is your advice for such fasts which are for such MANAT. May ALLAH bless your efforts and forgive us.


Salamun Alaykum,

Answer 1:
She must ascertain the number of prayers of which she is certain is Qadha (the minimum possibility), and only offer those.

Answer 2:

If a person does not fast in the month of Ramadhan due to illness and his illness continues till next Ramadhan, it is not obligatory on him/her to observe the qadha of the fasts which he had not observed, *but for each fast he should give one mudd of food like, wheat, barley, bread etc. to poor. *And she can give food of Kaffarah of a few days to one poor person.

Answer 3:
As for the few fasts which made an oath for, and now can not complete, the kaffarah for this is setting a slave free, or fully feeding ten indigent persons, or providing them with clothes.

Irfan D.