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Assalamualaikum brother/sister,

I want to know about “Umrah”. I’m​ liver transplant patient, I had liver transplant last year. So, now inshallah I want to do umrah. I heard that in tawaf first 3round male should Walk faster and rest 4round slowly. Actually I am still not well and I can’t walk faster.

1. Can I walk slowly 7rounds?

2. And Safa marwa from green light spot too if I walk slowly, is it ok?

3. When should I trim my hair after doing safa marwa? If yes, where? Can I trim outside of masjid Al Haram?



Waalaykum Salaam,

I pray for a wonderful Umra trip for you

1) There is no such condition to walk faster in the first three rounds of the Holy Kaaba for men. Pls see the following link for all the Obligations for Tawaf

2) Harwala (a brisk walk like movement) is a highly recommended act and not Obligatory. But since your health condition isn’t so stable. Should be ok to do your best. Pls do a good reading on the link below:  Sa’y

3) To know the exact ruling for Taqseer (trimming of hair) pls refer to the link below: Taqseer

InshaAllah your health is restored. You are in my prayers.

​Sayyid Shabbar