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Umrah For Marhoomeen


Asalamu alaikum,

Sir, i want to knw that can we do Umrah by name for Marhoom Persons. if we do then can we also do one Umrah for two marhooms. kindly tell me i am in a confusion

and another ques. is that jaiz to write our name and any other person name at the wall of Kabbah sharif..?



(1) You can perform umra for one or many persons, for a live person or for a dead person or for a group of persons comprising of dead or live persons.
(Hajj Booklet) except that one cannot do umra for oneself if he/she did the wajib Hajj within a month.

2) people are emotional in such cases and so they can write, if they wish so, although the black stone is witness to all those present by the Ka’bah