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Trust issue in relationship


I do not trust my fiance. And so I always doubt on him on everything and we always get into fights. What should I do?


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question .

If you’re a person who excessively doubts then you need some counseling to get over that. Because relations that run on doubts are quiet rickety and a person may loose a loved one.

If you’re not doubting excessively and they arise due to his conduct or so, then you must speak to him.
To have a communication with your spouse is very important. After all you’re going to be committing for life and need that between the two of you.
(Also, you must not get angry or worked up when taking to him. This will only make things worse. You must explain that you need to let him know of your concerns and you too must be open to criticism- this will make you bond stronger InshaAllah)

If both of you doubt and counter argue then I suggest both of you seek some counseling.

InshaAllah things go well