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I am facing complete failure and trouble in every aspect of life


Aoa Since past two years, my life is complete disaster. I am 24 female I used to be brilliant student and have friends but from past two years I am university drop out. Lost all my friends, my parents try to get me married, but no success. No one likes me to be their wife,daughter in law as I have crooked teeth, dark complexion and I am fat,this has cause me so low self esteem. I can’t get any job.moreover i feel I know nothing I can’t study or learn new thing despite my desperate attempt. This year I moved to USA with aim to start new life but all in vain I didn’t accomplish any of the above mention thing. My family is now upset with me. I am so depressed. In past I did many wazifa but none of my problem get solved.Even for some I read Surah al baqarah on daily basis.Please recommend me dua. 2ND: I have heard we can’t do two wazifa for two different needs at same time please explain this one. Thank you


Waalykum salam sister

Thank you for your Question
I must applaud your effort and stamina. You certainly
Sound like a fighter and know how to stick to your goals.
Moving country for Chasing your goals is a big step and I see that determination in you MashaAllah.
Allah has made you unique! There is no other like yourself! So start from that point and I more the things hat bother you. Dealing with one at a time!
So for instance, you might want to see a dentist or an orthodontist to fix your teeth. And then once that is fixed you can slowly target your weight. Each time chasing small goals that are achievable. This is not to beautify yourself, because you’re beautiful in your own unique way, rather to satisfy your concern and to boost your confidence.
Once you get the ball rolling, in sure you will feel back on track.
Making dua and speaking to Allah in plenty will make the targets and goals much easier and you will feel lighter and at peace.
You must also speak to HIM about your future and how you want HIM to help you out. Talking it out to Allah himself really puts all worries at ease and makes big problems small
Kindly visit and select from a wide range of duas that best suit yourself!
You can certainly recite as many duas as you wish, and at whatever time. There is no such thing to ask for one thing at a time!

Good luck

Naajiya Jaffery