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travelling inside county in pandemic situation


Can i travel inside my county in this pandemic situation? The whole county is under pandemic situation. The government open the tourist place.Can i go to those place?Is it halal or haram?


Wa Alaykum al-Salam

Thank you for your question.

The current ongoing pandemic Is a reality And we can see the effect of it throughout, the number of people infected and the great loss of lives that it has resulted!…

It is upon us to act in accordance to the guidelines provided by professionals in the field. The statements and official guidelines and continuous reminders from health ministry and related international bodies are very essential and one must abide by them.

This is even more important for us Muslims because our Marjas (May Allah protect them all) emphasize on the same and infact they announce people who are careless to be liable I.e. “dhima” against those they effect with the careless ness.

Hence, we must make our decision very wisely so that we aren’t held accountable of spreading the virus even unknowingly.

Wish you success.
S. Jaffery.