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Knowledge of the Infallible Imams



i would request the authentication of the narration which shows Imam’s (as) know their followers before their creation observe,

1. Narrated to us Hassan Bin Ali Bin Abdullah Bin Al-Mugheira, from Ubeys Bin Hashaam, from Abdul Kareem, from Sama’at Bin Mahraan who has said: Abu Abdullah (as) said, “Amir-ul-Momineen (as) was giving a sermon in the Masjid of Al-Kufa, when a man came up and said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen (as), by Allah (swt), I love you (as).” He (as) said, You do not. He said, By Allah (swt), I do love you. He (as) said, You do not. He said, Yes, by Allah (swt) besides Whom there is no god but Him. He (as) said, By Allah (swt) besides Whom there is no god but Him, you do not love Me. He said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen (as), I swear by Allah (swt) I love You and You swear by Allah (swt) that I do not love You, and it is as if You are informing me that You know what is in my soul? Amir-ul-Momineen (as) got angry, and it was a great narrative that came out of Him because of him being angry. He raised His hands towards the sky and said: How can that be, and He is our Lord Blessed and High, Who Created the souls before the bodies by a thousand years, Presented to Us the lover and the hater, for, by Allah (swt), I did not see you among those that love Us. Where were you? [Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 2, Chapter. 15, Hadees. 4] Hadees is Hasan (Reliable) as per chain of narrators.

2.UYUN AKHBAR REZA vol 1 quotes: ON AL-REZA’S WORDS ON THE SIGN OF THE IMAM 19-1 Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ishaq al-Taliqani – May God be pleased with him – narrated that Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Sa’eed ibn Uqda al-Kufi quoted on the authority of Ali ibn Al-Hassan ibn Fadhdhal, on the authority of his father, on the authority of Ali ibn Musa Al-Reza (s), “There are certain signs designating the Imam. He is the most knowledgeable, the wisest, the most pious, the most patient, the bravest, the most generous, and the person who worships the most among the people. He was born circumcised. He is pure and clean. He sees the back as well he sees the front. He has no shadow. When he falls out of his mother’s uterus onto the ground, he falls onto the palms of his hands and loudly declares the two testimonial declarations (that there is no god but God, and that Muhammad is God’s Messenger). He has no nocturnal pollution. His eyes go to sleep, but his heart will not go to sleep. He is inspired[333]. The armour of God’s Prophet (s) fits him. His urine and feces cannot be seen since the Almighty God has appointed the earth to swallow whatever he excretes[334]. He smells better than they themselves do. He is kinder to the people than their parents are. He is the humblest of all people to the Almighty God. He acts upon what he advises the people to do more than anyone else. He abstains from what he admonishes the people against. His prayers are accepted such that if he wishes a rock to be divided into two parts, it will. He has the weapon of the Prophet of God (s). He has his sword – the ‘Thul-Faqar . He has a list of the names of his followers upon the Resurrection Day. He has a list of the names of his enemies until the Resurrection Day. He possesses Al-Jame’a – that is a nearly thirty-five meter long text which encompasses all of the needs of the human beings. He also possesses the al-Jafr al-Akbar and al-Jafr al-Asqar that are a goat-skin (book) and a ram-skin (book) which include all knowledge – even the punishments of a scratch, or one or a half or a third of a crack of a whip are recorded in it. He also possesses the Blessed Lady Fatima’s (s) Mushaf.

NOTE:He has a list of the names of his followers upon the Resurrection Day. He has a list of the names of his enemies until the Resurrection Day.



Salamun Alaikum

1. The first Hadith quoted is authentic and in the reference provided. No doubt Imams are informed of their followers by Allah. So yes, they know their followers and are able to know who is sincere among the followers or not.

2. The second tradition is also authentic. The qualities outlined in the tradition are indeed qualities of our Imams. Allah endowed them with those qualities when they were patient.

Nuru mohammed