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Hadith about Sehri timing


My query might seems very simple but its very complicated. It’s about the timings for eating sehri till fajr adhan. As there is very popular Hadith about sehri timing that one can eat while the adhan of Hazrat Bilal RA and stops eating at the adhan if another Sahabi (I don’t remember his name). But about this second Sahabi it is mentioned in Sahi Bukhari that he used to say adhan when there was clear difference seemed between night and day. So people at that time used to stop eating. But now a days the adhan of fajar is said while there is still night. So why now a days people should stop eating at fajr when it is being said when there is still night. Should not they be continuing eating till dawn break the night.
I hope I have explained my problem
Kindly give me reply



Alaykum salaam. Thank you for your question. The different hadiths are examined by the experts in jurisprudence to ascertain the rulings on any particular matter. According to the scholars of the Jafferi school, the fast begins at the start of the time of fajr prayer (the second dawn) as it is from this time that the adhan is called. The adhan being the start of the fast is an indication to the start of fajr being the beginning of the fast, not that if the adhan is delayed past the beginning of the time of fajr, so too the start of the fast is delayed. At the second dawn the night sky still appears to be dark, but the time for the fajr prayer has set in.

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Zoheir Ali.