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Time of Fazilah (best time) Of salah


Salaam Alaykum.

According to Urafa, what is the best course of action when the time for Salah sets in and one does not feel motivated or focused to pray immediately.

is it preferable to pray immediately with the limited concentration, or wait and pray later?


Alaykum Al-Salam
praying on the time of Fazilah (best time) is better. time of Fazilah for the morning prayer is from Adan to 20 min later. for the Zuhr prayer is from Adan to 100 min later. for Asr prayer is from 200 min after Adan until 40 min later. for Maqrib prayer is from Adan until 20 min later. for Esha prayer is from 50 min after Adan until 3 hours later.
this times are calculated roughly and for the exact time you could check this link:


praying in these times is better than leaving it for a time you feel like it. Also it is good if we prepare ourselves for these times so we can have a good mood for praying.

Best regards
sheikh Madani.