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Prostration on Other Than Turbah/Mohr


Salaam alaykum,
I usually go and pray in Non-Shia mosques , I would like to ask therefore , in the absence of turbah / mohr

1. can I pick any stone on the way and prostrate on it ?

2. what about a stone on my ring like aqeeq or feruza , can I prostrate on the back of my hand on these stones?

3. are there any preferences to observe , that is in absence of mohr use ‘A’ only , if ‘A’ is not available then only go for option ‘B’ and so on… what are preferred options?

4. Can I prostrate on any piece of wood ? what if its Polished or Painted?

5. Can I prostrate on a cloth which I am wearing?

Ahsant, May the Almighty bless you


1. There are few rulings regarding stones. Not every stone could be used for prostration.Sajdah can be performed on limestone & gypsum, but the recommended precaution is that Sajdah should not be optionally performed on baked gypsum, lime, brick & baked earthenware, etc.

2. Yes

3. If a person does not possess anything on which it is allowed to perform Sajdah, or, even if he possesses such a thing, he cannot perform Sajdah on it due to severe heat or cold, he should perform Sajdah on asphalt or tar, and if that is not possible, on his dress or the back of his hand, or on any thing on which it is not permissible to perform Sajdah optionally. However, in such a situation, the recommended precaution is that as long as it is possible to perform Sajdah on his dress he should not do Sajdah on any other thing.

4. One can prostrate on wood but it shouldn’t be polished or painted. The criterion is there shouldn’t be a layer on wood.

5. As per (3)

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