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Theology: Why the 14 infallibles were chosen to be infallibles, What did they do to deserve this status?


Salaam Aga
I’ve recently been asked this question by a friend of mine and I’m finding it difficult to answer it I hope you can help me out
The question is why the 14 infallibles were chosen to be infallibles what did they do to deserve this status?
Isn’t it unfair that someone who wasn’t even born yet but still was considered as an infallible and would go to heaven no matter what. Also what would be the reason to make someone infallible without any reason and they get a clean chit but we don’t?
Isn’t this unfair?
Waiting for your answer


Wa Alaykumussalam

I appreciate you want to learn about why the Ahlul Bayt(as) were chosen amongst all other human beings. It is not unfair when we look at it in depth. As for Allah(swt), there are no limitations on time or place. He was there when nothing was there and He knew and knows everything even what hasn’t happened. Therefore, he knew that these great personalities are the most obedient ones in the future as well.

In other words, if Allah(swt) had sent all the human beings and then tested them, Ahlul Bayt(as) would be the best personality, He would have selected the Ahlul Bayt(as) amongst all others and as we know past and future doesn’t have any meaning for Allah, so the Almighty had already selected them before according to His own knowledge which is totally fair and just and there is no kind of force or bounding on someone. To make it even easier, Allah(swt) gifts the person who is obedient to Him, in this case, He gifted it before while knowing Ahlul Bayt will be the most obedient in this world let alone the creation of the Noor of Ahlul Bayt which was created even before the creation of this world.

Regarding the point, you mentioned that no matter what, they will go to heaven is because of their actions and deeds and it is not they are being forced rather Allah(swt) created the heavens for them and their lovers.

There is a riwayat, the gist of the hadith is: “God looked at His servants and did not see anyone more obedient than the Ahl al-Bayt and the Prophet and chose them.”

Now since we know they are the most obedient ones, won’t they deserve to go to heaven?

Question: What is the measure for choosing individuals as Prophets and Aimah among others?

Answer: Based on the reasons for general prophethood(نبوت عامه), God chose a group of individuals from the human race as paradigms and representatives to guide mankind.

Even though the innate potential to be God’s representative has been instilled in every human, it does not actualize in every case; only a few people have the privilege of receiving this honor through practice of absolute obedience and freely abstaining from sin. It is because of this difference that God, which is at all times aware of what will follow in the future including the good decisions and actions of this group, honors them by appointing them as His representatives and acknowledges them with the authority of guiding society as a result of the good deeds they will subsequently perform. Therefore the philosophy of this selection is based on two propositions:

1. Absolute obedience of the apostles of God (Awlia Allah) of Allah.

2. Allah’s blessing and mercy towards these apostles.

Consequently, God’s distinction of those chosen as Prophets and Imams from others is a wise and just act, due to the fact that first of all this selection is contingent upon their own competence and endeavour and second of all, it is a blessing in favor of all mankind, meant for their guidance.

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May Allah(swt) grant us Marifat of the special chosen ones.


Syed Haider