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The person I intend to marry has been tested HIV positive


Assalamualaikum wrwb
I am 20 year old student. I intend to marry my first cousin. We have always been close and our families are also very happy for us.
But he recently confessed that got tested HIV positive. He spoke to a doctor, and the doctor has told him that there is risk of transmission if he has sexual contacts with his partner and there are medications that he can take but which are not 100% reliable.
I am very depressed because we are very fond of each other. I want to know what the hadith says about this. Should we not marry if one of the partner has an illness. Should we have faith in Allah, that everything will be okay in future?


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question.

Question: Is it permissible for a person infected with AIDS to marry a person who is free from it?
Answer: Yes; but it is not permissible for him or her to mislead the other party by deliberately presenting himself or herself as free from AIDS at the time of proposing while they are not. Similarly, it is not permissible for him or her to become intimate in a way that would infect the other partner.
However, if there is only a probability of infection and no certainty, then it is not obligatory for him or her to refrain from intimacy, provided that there is agreement on it.
10Question: What is the rule on intentionally infecting others with the AIDS virus?
Answer: This is not allowed. If it leads —even after the passage of time— to the death of the person who has been infected, then the heirs of the deceased have the right of retribution from the person responsible for causing to demand the infecting, provided that the latter was aware that that infection could lead to death; but if he was ignorant of that effect, or unaware of it, at that time, only indemnity (blood money) and penalty would apply.

1Question: If a Muslim knows that contracted AIDS, is it permissible on him to engage in sexual relations with his wife? Is it obligatory for him to inform his wife about it?
Answer: If he knows that the virus can infect her through sexual relations, it is not permissible for him at all. Similarly [it is obligatory on him to refrain from sex] if there exists a considerable level of likelihood [of infection], except in the case where the wife knows about it and agrees to it.

Just a sisterly advice before you take the most important decision of your life, you have to accept the reality that your cousin has aids and there is no cure for it at the moment. Are you mentally ready to live your whole life with this man, keeping aside all emotions. Having faith in Allah (swt) is a necessary every step of our lives but He has also given us intellect to make the right decisions so we do not blame Him if it does not turn out the way we had expected.
May Allah (swt) give us the tawfiq to make the right decisions that will make us prosperous in this world and the hereafter. Ilaahi aameen.

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