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Purity of the Aimmah


I recently came across a belief that the prophet was made out of Allah’s noor and he and Ahl-e-bait did not have to attend the natures call i.e washroom. Is it true? Please explain asap. They also provided with ayat number 33 of Surah Ahzab please clearly explain that too. JazakAllah Khair


For your query, I got in contact with Quran and Hadith centre and this is what they had to tell me:

‘The matter has not been clarified as such. Although it has been mentioned in a few Hadith that they are extra purified, the way that you mentioned.
But he also mentioned that Imam Ridha (as) used to bleed after ‘hijammah’ I.e. cupping. What explanation would we give to that knowing blood is Najis?!

He further, added that the Question does not hold such benefit either, because it does not bring or remove any commandment from thier followers, being us!

I hope this was useful.
Iltimase dua