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The issue of pride.


Asalamualaikum. I’m currently suffering from pride. Lately, I’ve been trying to get closer to Allah. However, as a result I have contracted the worst disease possible, kibr (pride). I’ve been having thoughts telling me that I’m better then so and so, because I do more good deeds then them. And whenever, I have these thoughts a specific brother I know who is not practicing comes to mind. Something tells me that you’re better than him because he’s not practicing and you’re practicing. And it’s gotten worse. The more I try to increase in good deeds, the more the thought becomes worse. Now, I’ve started considering myself better then imams or sheikhs. Sometimes, I think of people who’ve died, and I think they’re getting punished in the grave and you’re better than them. Anytime I look at another human I automatically see myself better than them. I’ve tried many things to combat this evil feeling of pride, but nothing seems to be working. I turned to the internet to tried to find answers, the most common thing was to think of one’s origin. i.e. think back to when I was only sperm. I have tried this, but it has not worked. I’ve tried at screaming at myself telling my self that I’m not better than anyone else, but that only works for a few seconds or minutes. I’ve tried telling myself that every muslim is better than me and every kafir is better than me but this also has not worked. I’ve made dua and nothing. As a result, my my goods are starting to lack in quality. I’ve diverted all my attention on trying to cure this disease, and as a result my iman is starting to weaken. So, my question is that if I die trying to cure this sickness, will Allah still punish me for having this disease in my heart. And I ask that you make dua’aa for me. I beg that you ask Allah to remove this disease from my heart.
Thank you.


Wa alaykum salaam

It’s very pleasing to know that Islamic values are very Important for you and you are trying your best to attain these values.
A person who calls himself a servant (abd) can never be proud because he knows that whatever he has is from his Lord and nothing belongs to him.
The fact that our ulema, inspite of being so pious and knowledgeable are very humble is because they know that all their achievement is from Allah. It is Allah who has given them the tawfeeq and ability to be able to learn and practice. It is Allah who has given them the strength to be able to do good deeds.

Just think for a while; if Allah hadn’t given you the ability and the strength to perform good deeds, would you have been able to do them?

According to the Quran, Allah looks at the hearts of the believers,.He is well aware of their efforts and He rewards them for that.
Therefore keep on trying our prayers are with you. May Allah help you to achieve your goal.

Sukaina Taqawi.