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Texting and calling fiance


My question is regarding calling and texting. I and my fiancé (who currently is a Sikh but wants to accept Islam) have been attending high school and college together and now have made the commitment to get married in a year. During the end of high school, there were mistake we both fell into and have made amends because we don’t meet each other alone anymore. This is something her parents don’t know about right now. The reason we cant get married now is that her parents need her support, whether financially, mentally or emotionally. Another reason is that We fear their reaction if she tells them that she will be a Muslim now and wants to get married to a muslim. The main question is that we have gave each other commitment to get married after a year. Is it right for us to text and call casually during this time period? How should we go about our communication and where is the line drawn in this matter?


Waalaykum Salam.

It is good to hear that you’re already trying to fix the problem by
physically staying away.
To have a relation, whether physical or verbal, with a na-Mahram is haram
and forbidden in Islam. It means to go against Allah (a)’s command and the
action will only deprive you if HIS Extra Mercy.

I would suggest you first let her study Islam regardless of your relation
with her. Let her explore and see if she can really accept Islam with her
heart and mind because accepting it without this holds no meaning to the
entire act.

After she has accepted Islam, you can then approach the family for a
decent proposal and get your mutah recited to become Mahram with one
another and be free hence forth.

To get a better understanding on the last paragraph please refer to :
Islam does not Permit talking to Guys

Good luck.