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Taubah from past sin


I commited a big sin . But i asked for forgiveness from Allah and everyone in my family. I did taubah and promised them i will not Do it again. Allah fave me hidaya and i stopped my sin and moved on to a right path. My question is my family said they forgave me but every niw and then they bash me , keep pointing my gunah again n again and blame me for all problems that came because if me. They keep discussing my gunah. They are always doubting me. Please tell me a sinner who has done taubah like me is bound to obey everyone and say yes to everyone and has to be kind to everyone if they treat me badly. They keep interfering in my life and make me feel useless.
Kindly tell me do i have a right to live peacefully with my husband and kids or should i leave everyone and hide somewhere. Im depressed.


Waalykum salam

Congratulation on your real Tauba. Real Tauba is attained when one does not go back to the sin s/he initially asked forgiveness for.
So you must stick by your family and live a dignified life because it is Allah who matters the most and he certainly has forgiven you (becaue you haven’t gone back to the gunah Alhamdulillah)

In regards to people, they will speak and never stop. It is the nature of the human to comment in any situation be it good, better, best Or bad, worse or worst!
Hence, today it’s your next they will find another topic and carry on.

All you need to do is be patient and don’t pay much attention to what they think or speak of you. Another positive thing that this behavior will hold for you is that, you will not be feeding their acts. Once you stop paying attention, they will have no reason to continue talking or discussing it.

Since you’re feeling so low, please seek some local help from a counselor. It will help you.
Also, don’t leave your way with Allah. As long as you’re with HIM and HE is pleased, rest assured everything else will be ok InshaAllah

In my prayers,
Naajiya Jaffery