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Salaam alaikum

I just wanted to know that is it allowed to tattoo names Of Imams or any of 14 masoom. If not I can understand, but could you tell me with some details that why is it not allowed to tattoo our body?I am having a hard time taking decision so I preferred to ask someone who knows before I do it.

Thank you And may Allah Almighty reward you with his mercy


Alaykum Salaam.

Quranic verses and other sacred names should not be tattood purely from the point of view of contact with najasat and other issues causing disrespect to these phrases.

Sayyid Sistani states that “if a verse of the Holy Quran or Name of the Almighty Allah is written or tattooed on the body of a person then such a person while doing wudu or ghusl, will be required to pour water on that part without touching the writing.”

Laila Habib