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talking with Namahram


Assalamualaikum. I am a guy from University who tends to follow religion to some extent. I have number of questions.

1. Is it allowed if I tell a girl that I want to marry her in future using any female friend rather than telling by myself?

2. I have been talking to a girl. We never talk anything that is sexually arousal or we don’t even touch each other and maintain a distance that is good to maintain proper Islam. However, when I see her and talk to her (face to face or in phone/social media) I feel that madhiy comes out of my secret part. But I never talk to her about anything that is sexually arousal. I even lower my gaze when I’m at University with her. If I want to maintain this kind of friendship without madhiy coming out, what shall I do? Sorry for long texts

Assalamu Alaykum
Thank you for your Question.
1- if you want your relation to be one that has a alot of blessing, then you should get serious about it and take very matured steps into it. Like speaking to your parents and sending a decent proposal. That way everyone is happy especially Allah swt.
2- Kindly refer to: chatting with namahram