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Should I Play with Kids?



I’m 18 years from Pakistan. I have a complicated question. Last year around December 8, 2015, I met my little cousins. We had some family issues before; you can consider it our first gathering.

OK, So all of them were happy to see us. One of them, named Faisal (12 years old); He started to wonder around me. We played together, We hugged each other. I almost abandoned by “work,” just to play with my cousins. A month later, we had to leave. I was sad. Now, I still have some grief-like feeling in my heart. My mind constantly reminds me of this kid, even in Prayers (sometimes). I didn’t have any bad feeling; I just have a weird feeling of losing a loved one. (Like, when you have grief in your heart, after loosing a family member) I guess, I was attached to him only, but I can’t seem to forget him. I was talking to him, a couple of months ago on Phone but I’ve stopped it now. I’m now trying to avoid him by pretending to be busy, or away when they call us. He is 500KM away (in a different state/province, so we don’t see each other too often. It’s almost ten months since I had met him last time.

My Question is: Should I play with kids? I like them a lot because most of them are “clean” from heart. They don’t have sins, like us. They are pure from their heart; that might be the reason behind this attachment? I just noticed that I get attached to little kids easily – Is it bad? What should I do, if they try to hug me constantly and Should I hug them?


Alaykum Salaam.

The attachment that you talk about is a natural tendency and there is no harm in it especially since you have no bad or evil intention behind it.

Like you said, children especially have clean hearts and are purer in nature and thus naturally attract people towards them. Building positive connection with them can get you closer to God.

Hugging is a means of conveying love. there is no harm.

It is also positive to note that the families have ‘re-united’ after many years.

There is no need to avoid him (your cousin). talk to him, build a stronger connection and use that to convey correct Islamic values. Support him in whatever way possible for you. This is the brotherhood that is encouraged in Islam, whether people are related to one another or not.

May Allah always be with you, along with the guidance from the Infallibles, ameen.