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Talking to opposite gender cousins


Salaam I hope u are well in sha Allah whoever is reading this and your family is also well in sha Allah ameen. Basically my question is in sha Allah you can help me with this is if I for example am in a group with cousin on what’s app or any chatting app which involved the male and female cousin chatting joking and posting picture from the past is this acceptable in Islam or is this sinful I refer to myself rather then other as before I correct a situation I must obtain the right answer if I am to correct it so my question is this allowed to happen through online chatting social media if It involved all the cousins both genders posting and have conversation etc. Please let me know jzk. Sorry for the long message. Jzk.


Wa alaikum al-Salam

In Islam law we either have mahram or non-mahram people, although we may differentiate between a total stranger and our relatives, In Islamic law, there is no difference whether that non-mahram person is our relative or not, there is also no difference between online communication and real-time communication. So it is feared that they might be drawn towards sin, it is not permissible.

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