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talking to know female for marriage


Thank you so much for your blessed help . May Allah continue bless you tremendously without a limit . I have a question of Fiqh. I’m living in USA and have met a white American girl of seemingly so far of noble character and is considering to convert to Islam . We met through Islamic matrimonial service . Are we allowed to talk at all on the phone to get to know each other only or it is haram ?Though , she does say she’s stopping by my state on her way for traveling in a month and would definitely like for us to meet at an airport but I don’t know what is the exact and specifics of Shariah code as of right and haram ( halal and haram ) in such this matter of us meeting and talking maybe walking or sitting down. What exactly is halal and haram of this ? Am I allowed to go and see her or it can only happen if one of my parents is with me ? My dad actually isn’t at all muslim a lot more of a deniar but is it permissible if I take him or it must be with my mom who’s more muslim ? And I’m very sorry for so many questions as I may be very unlearned in so many areas but is it halal or haram if we talk on the phone only for the purpose for us to get to know each other ? And another question – we have interests to go to take a walk with each other and talk but not at all touch each other – just talk and make our way towards marriage by friendship . Can we take walk alone and talk or it can only be with my mom or dad ?


Wa alaykum salaam

Thank you for your duas. May Allah bless you.
According to Islamic laws, a man and woman are allowed to talk and meet each other before taking any decision for marriage.

The law is:

. It is permissible for a man to look at the attractive features of the woman he intends to marry.
Similarly, it is permissible to talk to her before proposing. So, it is permissible to look at her face, hair, neck, hands and wrists, and legs and other parts of her body, provided that he does not so without sexuall gratification.

When a person has come to know about her features by the first look, it is not permissible to look again

But the acquaintance period should not be very long, because in that case there is possibility that it’ll lead to intimacy and that is a sin.

Sukaina Taqawi.