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Talaq according to shia religion


My cousin is suni and her husband is shia . He said the word TALLAQ many times in front of other family members.Now he not accepting it that according to sharia both are seprate not husband wife any more . He says according to shia maslaq it will be done when he say TALAQ in front of shia alim and he will read some thing. and he  is not agreeing  to do this., he is physically torturing  my cousin and using irrelavant  rough  language, please advise.


Wa alaykum salam

According to shia mazhab, divorce has conditions and doesnt occur by just uttering the word TALAQ.

I suggest that your cousin should take help from an influential shia Aalim in her surroundings who might be able to guide her and solve her problems.
Sukaina Taqawi.