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Taking oath in Quran for the past


salam. I was a divorcee with my 9 years old son and have lived alone with my mum for a few years. recently met a muslim guy who convinced me of his love towards me and was ready to accept me and my son. recently we got married but since the very start he keeps asking me about my past and dont trust me on any thing. things are worse now as he has been pointing on my character really infront of our combined friends. now he wants me to take oath on Quran saying i never committed any sin to clear his doubts which i dnt want to do as i dnt want to discuss my past. what shud i do as my marriage my trust everything is at risk.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
Im not sure what sin he wants to know of, but no one is obliged to discuss their past with their spouse. It is not obligatory for a woman to let her husband know of her sins and faults in her life before marriage. Hence, he cannot force you. (We don’t even encourage people to discourse their past after marriage)
You could use some help here, maybe a local scholar, friend or even an influential elderly, to speak to him and explain.
Besides all, Allah is most merciful and HE forgives as soon as his servant asks for forgiveness. Owing to this, InshaAllah, you are forgiven and that your past is neat.
As humans, we are only accountable to Allah swt and we should stick to this law InshaAllah.
Good luck
In my duas


Naajiya Jaffery