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Salaam alaikum

I’m a Sunni Muslim and have been debating with fellow Sunni Muslims concerning Shia.
As much as I try to defend arguments against Shia positions on the history of Islam, I then get hit with comments about ayatollah Khomeini endorsing sex with animals and babies!

I have been sent, what is claimed, to be pages from Tahrir Al-Wasilah but they are in Arabic, which I do not know.
I have the English translation but can find nothing in there about these issues.

I can’t attach the picture of the pages to this email but would appreciate a clarification or reference in the English translation as to where, if it exists.


Salam Alaykum

Ayotallah Khomeini does not endorse intercourse with babies or animals!

You will find that in the world of Jursiprudential law, scholars will discuss a whole series of “what if” scenarios and deduce rulings based on these scenarios. Intercourse with underage girls and animals is forbidden (harram) and this is unanimously agreed upon by all scholars let alone Imam Khomeini.

But “what if” someone does so… therein lies the discussion, how to repent, what kaffarah one needs to pay, what happens to the animal? etc etc

In Tahrir al Wasail V2 p 160 this is the discussion that is being had: Al-Wasila – Mr. Khomeini – Part 2

Is that the page you wanted to attach?

Similarily in the Sunni books this discussion also occurs:

Likewise, the issue with intercourse with babies is forbidden.

SayyidSamer Hakim